This is the power of teleportation. Mindjumpers are able to briefly transform themselves into pure Essence, leave the physical plane and enter the Otherworlds where space and time flow differently, and then exit somewhere else. Teleportation is difficult, and causes considerable strain. Jumpers have to be very skilled to avoid emerging weakened and confused on the other end.

Using Mindjump

Mindjump is most obviously used for teleporting, but moving any major distance requires significant Strength. Mindjump’s key effect is the ability to “ripple” in and out of reality for brief moments, which can let a skilled Seer seem to be immaterial like a spirit.

A Jumper can teleport a distance indicated on the Mindjump Strength table. Make a Willpower + Art roll. The difficulty is modified by how much extra mass he wishes to carry and how familiar he is with his location. The greater his level of Success, the less traumatic the jump is. (See the Mindjump Success Table) Failure means the Seer is stunned for one turn, and doesn’t teleport at all. A single success level will let him get where he’s going, but he’ll be at penalties to further actions for the turn (or the next, if he teleports at the end of his turn). Further levels of Success reduce the penalties. A Seer teleporting less than his maximum distance reduces all penalties for himself by one level of Success per Strength level he has above the needed distance.

Passengers on a jump face the same trauma, but don’t have the same resilience. Passengers on a jump who do not have Mindjump Art must make a difficult Willpower test in place of the Mindjump Art test. Failure has no additional affect, but Success levels reduce the penalties to extra actions the same as they would for the Mindjumper.

Mindjump works best when the Jumper can impart real motion to his jump. Having to jump from a completely still start is more difficult.

Further, as Mindjump involves the flow of Essence, Jumpers cannot teleport across Wards or similar Essence barriers, and a Jumper bound with material that restricts the flow of Essence (such as Orikalk manacles) cannot Jump.

Using Mindjump Offensively

Mindjump is not much useful for attack by itself, but it allows a jumper to surprise most opponents. A Seer with Mindjump strength of at least 2 can teleport to attack from an unexpected angle. He jumps as normal, taking any penalties, and each success level on the Mindjump Art task adds one to his attack roll for his next attack. If he has already moved in this turn, the jump counts as an extra action, with all attendant penalties. This can also be a defensive technique, in which the Seer teleports away from danger, gaining a bonus to any other defenses instead of attack rolls. But for that matter, he could just teleport away from battle entirely.

A Seer with Mindjump can also deliberately grapple an opponent and teleport him, counting on the transport trauma to weaken him. The Seer must succeed in the attempt to grapple, and the defender can defend as normal. If the Seer maintains the grab, he can teleport with the target as if the target were a passenger. He can execute multiple jumps in a turn with the usual multiple action penalties, which will stack penalties on his target. That generally makes the target an easy mark for some other sort of attack on the next turn.

Using Mindjump Defensively

Mindjump is very useful for defense. The simplest use is to teleport far away from anything that could harm the Seer. But while this is quite safe, it makes continued combat difficult. Another use, available even for Seers with a Strength of 1, is to ripple out of the physical realm to avoid attacks. A Mindjump dodge works just like an ordinary defensive test, using Willpower + Mindjump Art. The only difference is that Mindjumping can let you dodge things you ordinarily couldn’t dodge like bullets or area-effect explosions. Of course all the usual penalties apply for teleporting.

Mindjump Strength Table

Strength Distance
1 No distance. Can only “ripple” in place. Can use Mindjump Art in place of Escapism.
2 Can jump 1 yard (meter) per each level of Willpower + Mindjump Strength.
3 Can jump 5 yards (meters) per each level of Willpower + Mindjump Strength.
5 Can jump 50 yards (meters) per each level of Willpower + Mindjump Strength.
6 Can jump 100 yards (meters) per each level of Willpower + Mindjump Strength.
10 Can jump 1 mile (1.5 kilometers) for each level of Willpower + Mindjump Strength.
15+ Range increases to 20 miles (kilometers) for each level of Willpower + Mindjump Strength.

Mindjump Art Table

Level of Success Result
1 -5 to all actions for one turn.
2 -2 to all actions for one turn.
3 -1 to all actions for one turn.
4 No penalty to actions.

Mindjump Difficulty Table (All penalties are cumulative)

Carrying up to half your mass -1
Carrying your mass -1 for each extra
Cannot see destination -1
Have never seen destination -2
Have never been to destination -1
Must jump while immobile -3


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