Gossimer Jones




Strength 2 Intelligence 3
Dexterity 2 Perception 5
Constitution 2 Willpower 5

Secondary Attributes

Life Points 26
Endurance Points 32
Speed 8
Essence Pool 130


Quality Level Cost Page
Essence Channeling 6 10 + 7xp
Gifted 5
Old Soul 4 16
Increased Essence Pool 55 11
Artistic Talent : Guitar 3
Maker 1 6xp
Contacts (Danny Carson) 4 4xp
Contacts (Nicoli Stragassi) 4 4xp
Good Luck 2 6xp


Drawback Level Cost Page
Minority : Teenager (18) 1
Secret : Psychic 2
Adversary : Project Sunrise 4
Addiction : Smokers 1


Power Level Cost Page
MindRule : Art 1 2
MindRule : Strength 1 3


Skill Level Cost Page
Dodge 2 2
Guns 2 2
Haggling 2 2
Questioning 2 2
Smooth Talking 3 3
Electronics 1 1
Electronics Surveillance 1 1
Engineer : Electrical 1 1
Notice 3 3
Play Instrument : Guitar 4 4
Occult 2 4
Languages (Atlantean) 1 6xp

Crafted Items

  • Orikalk Class IV Armor and Helmet (4xp) – (D8 x 5) + 20(40) and +2 versus supernatural powers
  • Adamant Katana – (D10 x (STR + 3)) (Can do STR + 4 if wielded two handed)
  • Five Doses of Ambrosia

Weapon Qualities

  • Adamant – Any Adamant cutting weapon, from a sword or ax to an arrowhead, increases the damage multiplier by 3 levels, and halves the Armor Value or Barrier Value of any target — except a suit of Adamantine armor. So, a character with a Strength of 3 wielding a knife (with a normal damage of D4 x Strength) would inflict D4 x 6(12) points of damage.
  • Orikalk – Orikalk armor has the same Armor Value as regu- lar metal armor of the same type. Further, it protects against Essence attacks, and gives its wearer a +2 bonus to resist any supernatural power that can be resisted normally.
  • Ambrosia – Eating it restores D10 Life Points or Endurance Points. Furthermore, after eating it, nor- mal Life, Endurance or Essence Point recoveries are doubled for a period of 1 hour (or, in the case of mun- dane Life Point recovery, one full day). A more inter- esting effect, for the mere mortal, is Ambrosia’s reju- venation effect. Eating one bar or cake stops the aging process, or the advance of any degenerative disease or condition (like cancer or AIDS) for a full D6 + 3 ( 6 ) months. Unfortunately, after a few decades (10 years per Constitution level of the subject), the effect starts wearing off. Each dose starts working for D4 months for another (10 x Constitution) years, declining to one dose working for D4 weeks, D4 days, and finally, D4 hoursh1. This final situ- ation occurs after (Constitution x 50) years — a very long lifetime.

XP Expenditures

  • Essence Channeling 6 – 7xp
  • Languages 1 (Atlantean) – 6 xp
  • Maker – 6xp
    • 19xp
  • Contact (Danny Carson) – 4xp
  • Orikalk Recipe – 4xp
  • Orikalk Class IV Armor + Helmet – 4xp
    • 31xp
  • Ambrosia Recipe – 2xp
  • Adamant Recipe – 4xp
  • Ambrosia On-Hand – 1xp
    • 38xp
  • Adamant Broadsword – 3xp
  • Buy Off – Recurring Nightmares – 1xp
  • Buy Off – Covetous – 1xp
    • 43 DP
  • Energy Crystals Recipe – 4xp
  • Energy Wand – 4xp
    • 51xp
  • Contact (Nicoli Stragassi) – 4xp
  • Energy Wand Rank 2 – 4xp

Past Lives

John Hicks “J.H.” Adams (Guns, Tracking, Bureaucracy)

John Hicks “J.H.” Adams (18??-1878) – Born in Edwardsville, Illinois in 1830, Adams helped his father in his castor oil factory as he was growing up. He attended college at Shurtleff College, in Upper Alton, Illinois before serving in the Mexican War in 1847-48. When the news of the discovery of gold in California reached Illinois, Adams headed west with his wife and two children, first settling in Placerville. A couple of years later, in 1853, he moved his family to Santa Clara County, where he worked a farm near Gilroy. A decade later, he was elected sheriff of Santa Clara County and moved once again to San Jose. He held this office for three successive terms and retired in March 1876. While in office he acquired a reputation as a brave and efficient officer and a shrewd detective and aided in the capture of Tiburcio Vasquez, the notorious bandit of California. At some point, he was made a U.S. Deputy Marshal for the western district. In this capacity he was traveling in Arizona with Deputy Marshal Jack Finley, chasing Mexican bandits. On September 2, 1878 both Adams and Finley were killed by the bandits near Davidson’s Canyon, Arizona. The suspects were chased into Mexico and apprehended but never tried or convicted in connection with either murder.

Jean-Luc Pritchard (Climbing, Lockpicking, Stealth)

Xo Juto (Weapons (Swords), Brawling, Language (Japanese))


Gossimer Jones, aka Joss, grew up in San Francisco the child of two hippies who never grew up themselves. From a young age it became clear that Joss was a talented musician, picking up his father’s 6 string guitar one day and finding he had a natural talent with the instrument. His parents cultivated this skill, encouraging him with lessons, and opportunities to play in public settings from a very young age.

As he grew into a young man though, several things changed. First he started having episodes, where he would seem to take on schizophrenic personalities. Second he began to rebel against his parents hippy ways, from studying electrical engineering to joining the ROTC. He was eventually drummed out of ROTC for nearly killing another cadet during a hand to hand drill, which he claims to not even remember. In the aftermath of that began the cycles of psychiatrists, trying to figure out what was wrong. Eventually this led to him coming to the attention of Project Sunrise, as obviously what was happening were not alternate personalities, but Gossimer tapping into his past lives.

Project Sunrise has not been able to make head or tail of what specific psychic potential Joss has. He is one of the most in-tune candidates to his past lives they have ever seen and is capable of astonishing feats of reasoning and intuition. During one recent exercise he defeated a master martial arts instructor using what the instructor swears is master level Shoto-Kan Karate.

Gossimer Jones

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